Transportation, Travel and Logistics

Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, integrated transport systems or evolving investment models, transport today is changing.

Governments, regulators, transport operators and infrastructure providers have to offer safe, efficient transport today, and plan for the uncertainty of tomorrow. We see a future where transport, travel and logistics integrate to seamlessly move people and goods around the world. Where established operators can work alongside disruptors, putting customers, capacity, security and sustainability at the heart of their organisations.

As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, we create opportunity from complexity across roads, rail, aviation, maritime and travel. Our clients choose us because we help them progress further, faster.

We help you to:

●    devise the right strategies to secure investment and drive growth
●    upgrade infrastructure and assets to thrive now, and in the future
●    empower dynamic teams to enable change and achieve results
●    harness breakthrough technologies to meet customer and commercial demands
●    develop future-proofed transport for a connected world.

What we can do for you:

We work at the front line of transport, from international regulators to operators of infrastructure and transport modes, to help you:

●    Better understand evolving threats, and how they affect your organisation
●    Address both physical and cyber security vulnerabilities
●    Strengthen resilience as part of a long-term risk mitigation strategy
●    Deepen your understanding of customer expectations and how you can use them to drive competitive advantage
●    Navigate upcoming security regulations to ensure compliance
●    Evaluate the right tools, technologies and people to guarantee security – now and in the future

We have vast experience with the challenges facing the industry, and can offer you proven solutions. We work with you to develop concrete initiatives and measures tailored to your requirements. We support these initiatives and measures from the concept phase through to implementation.

The current key topics for the logistics industry are:

●    Stringent customer orientation in processes and management systems
●    Intensive utilization of digitalization and automation opportunities to leverage efficiency potential and further develop business models
●    Development of new revenue models and additional services to counter the increasing pressure on margins.
●    Alignment and flexibilization of network structures to changing lot sizes and shipment quantities
●    Provision of tailor-made solutions for individual customers (groups)
●    Promoting sustainable transport solutions