We draw on our expertise across industries and capabilities to develop and implement solutions that deliver the best results. We work jointly with agricultural companies to address opportunities across agriculture sectors, including agricultural chemicals and fertilizer, dairy, agriculture equipment (tractors and machinery). 

The agribusiness industry is changing rapidly. Global demand will require a 50%+ increase in production of major agricultural crops over the next 40 years. Sources of new land are limited; therefore, greater yield is critical to meeting the ever-increasing global demand. The most successful companies in the agricultural sector historically have either participated across multiple segments of the value chain or have achieved large scale in a dedicated area of focus.

Going forward, companies will have to compete in an increasingly complex environment, which includes increasing competition for resources; more environmental pressure on farming techniques; and competing governmental priorities that suppress optimal global yield and trade flows. We work alongside companies to navigate these and many other issues to achieve sustainable results.

Market and source research is the foundation block in successful sales, marketing, and decision making in the agricultural sector.Decision making is always accompanied with uncertainties, and therefore, risks. Market and source research helps to reduce the level of uncertainty by taking facts, figures, and raw data and converting them into actionable information that is useful to you as a decision maker.

We provide market and source research services that are agribusiness focused. With years of experience and strong insight and data support, we have helped countless clients achieved successful results. When it comes to assessing the practicality of a proposed plan or method, we have the expertise you need to make successful business decisions.Prior to entering a new business, it is important to understand the nature of the markets, the expected financial returns and the risks that surround these expected outcomes. A feasibility study provides financial metrics based on cash-flow projections and determines the viability of the project.

We have a deep understanding of the agriculture, renewable fuels and transportation industries, and we leverage our proprietary data, analysis, forecasts, and information flow to provide unparalleled evaluation of the markets. This combination of experience, resources and skills is brought to bear in determining whether our clients’ new business ventures have an enough likelihood of being feasible.